Health law

The first Observatory women’s health in Morocco, 2017

The observatory women’s health in Morocco goal is to fight against the physical and psychological illnesses of the patients and to help the research. Created in 2017 by Eva Bieronski (Professor in Health Law in University of Geneva), in partnership with Yasmina Bennis (Professor in Private Law in University of Casablanca), Betty Lachgar (Director of the NGO MALI for the protection of human rights), they propose to carry out a study on the estimation of the incidence of the pathology and its sub-diagnosis, based on the data available in the surveys on the women’s health in Morocco. Secondly, a quantitative and qualitative survey of health care trajectories and quality of life according to the samples of the women concerned, as well as the assessment of the economic costs that the health system could lead.


There is an urgent need to mobilize to improve women’s health. The Moroccan public health plan for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was launched by Morocco’s Minister of Health, Dr El Houssaine Louardi, and Dr Ala Alwan, Regional Director of WHO for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, on 13 November 2013 in Rabat. The new plan aims to further accelerate progress. It creates conditions to reduce under-five mortality by 70% by 2020 and maternal mortality by 82% in relation to 1990 levels.

What are the objectives achieved? The Observatory would be able to advise on work in progress in health law, communicate to the public and issue new surveys on actual situations on the ground. According to the WHO’s global estimates, 35% of women, or nearly one in three women, report being subjected to physical or sexual violence by their intimate partner or by someone else During their lifetime.

• On average, 30% of women who have had relationships have reported some form of physical and / or sexual violence on the part of their partner.
• Globally, up to 38% of murders of women are done by their male intimate partners.

The Observatory’s data will focus on women’s maternal health related to sexual prevention, contraceptive access index, index of societal change and tolerance at MTP (Medical termination of pregnancy), infant mortality, Endometriosis and patient autonomy. The data will address gender equality in access to health, rates of violence against women, and women’s suicide rates compared to men. Finally, the Observatory of Women’s Health in Morocco will provide data on the progress made in the reduction of excision and early marriages in Morocco.

Created in 2017, the Observatory is open to public initiatives (conference organization, competitions, visibility of your work) in connection with women’s health in Morocco. The next step of the Observatory is a meeting in January 2018 in Rabat with the Moroccan Ministry of Health for draw outlines of a partnership.



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