My duty is to make those who read my work, feel the need to love the law and the humanitarian, to render this love and to perceive this call of justice.

After 8 years in law, I  a PhD. During my doctorate, I taught in some universities, I won a competition in order, to teach in a China’s university | Weihai for one year, 2014. I lived in Morocco – Casablanca, for 2 years, 2015 & 2016 ; I created a professorship for a Master 2 in Health law | Mohammed V University. Now I’m living in Geneva, 2017 ; I teach Health Law in Geneva’s university | UNIGE, and I’m vuluntary in OMS and the League of Human Right (UN) for the protection of women’s health.

I specialised in ethics women’s health law about the legal defense mecanism. The point of this specialisation are the search of consent, the information’s obligations, then the comparative legislation. In Poland in 2012, I saw women submitt an illegal abortion and I saw women die after a clandestine abortion. So, is born my engagement for women’s health law.